Red Carpet Tent Rentals

How to Use Red Carpet Tent Rentals For Your Next Party

If you haven’t decided yet what to include at your next party, you may be a little confused as to how to use Red CarpetĀ tent rental company in Los Angeles. The answer is simple: It can serve as a photo booth. Then, your guests can post those paparazzi photos on social media. But, before you rent a red carpet, make sure you have enough square footage for your event. Most red carpet tent rentals come in increments of five feet long and five feet wide. The footprint of your event must be at least 10 feet by fifteen feet to accommodate the carpet.

It can be a photo booth

Renting a Red Carpet Photo Booth will make your party a hit! This open-air concept photo booth has the same photographic quality as an enclosed photo booth, but without the hassle of the guests having to go inside. They are set up to be a Stand-Up or a Sit-Down photo booth. You can even personalize the backdrop with your own photos! There are many great photo booth rental packages to choose from!

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